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One Stop Service

Export Promotions

Information Simplified

  • The platform is made user friendly while dealing with a wide range of export data.
  • Data is converted into information presented in various methods to satisfy the user needs.
  • It further offers powerful tools to drill down in the data or access the analysis & reports.
  • A one stop service for export promotion to the stakeholders.

Export Activities


Export dashboard displaying the export exceptions in terms of growth with a drill down feature into the trends of the export over the years


Read the experts insights and recommendations about the export trends & market


Review the exports data ranked based on region, country, sector, chapter and commodity.

  • Assess the national exports
  • Review the analysis and recommendations

Smart Search Engines

  • Identify potential market for your product
  • Identify exporters and review products details
  • Review published media about the export market


Search the international market for potential importers of your product

Exporters & Products

Search for exporters / products and review the details

Document Scout

Smart search for all related media items to the economic activities, in terms of reports, articles, books, papers, videos & people.

Guide & Beyond


Review reports issued by concerned authorities


Use the guide page to access the regulations, policies and support programs


Bios & Linkedin accounts of our local experts in the various economic activities.

  • Understand the regulations & policies
  • Reach out to the facilitation & support programs

Value Propositions

Local Exporters

  • Review the trend of their products exports.
  • Benchmark exports to the international export market.
  • Identify potential market for their products.
  • Understand the policies and procedures
  • Benefit from available local and regional support programs
  • Keeping up with the latest update about the market.
  • Market their products & receive enquiries from international importers.

International Importers

  • Identify exporters of specific products.
  • Review products’ details.
  • Communicate with the exporters.

Authorities & Regulators

  • Policies & regulations will be based on real up to date statistics & analysis.
  • Private sector & international investments will be channeled according to the macro plan.
  • More successful businesses will lead to the growth of the economy and creation of jobs.
  • Development of support programs based actual needs and offering it to the right candidates.